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Syta Micha bone for a dog for beautiful hair 13,5 cm

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Syta Micha Chewable bone for a dog for beautiful hair 13.5cm

One of the basic needs of dogs is proper nutrition. In addition to properly balanced meals, it also includes the need to bite, lick or chew. Such activities are extremely important for all dogs, regardless of age. However, we can observe an increased need among puppies and young dogs

Functional chewing bones have been developed to meet the natural needs of all pets.

It is an innovative product that is designed to provide long entertainment, calm all dogs. In addition, chewing and biting has a positive effect on the psyche of pets, putting them in a state of relaxation.

Why functional chewing bones?

The selection of individual components of the chewing bone for a dog has been carefully considered because it has specific functions to fulfill. The filling that fills the bone is to keep the skin in proper condition and strengthen the hair / coat, leaving it healthy, flexible and beautifully shiny.

Bones with a functional filling are a Polish teether, made only of natural products. Its valuable composition allows you to maintain your pet's health and provide it with the necessary nutrients.

These dog delicacies are made of products where the main components of Bones for a beautiful and shiny coat are: cowhide, salmon meat, linseed, carrots and salmon skin.

The animal skin used in the production of our bones is 100% natural, undyed. Only subjected to a 3-week drying process at low temperature (between 25 ℃ and 28 ℃). Drying at this temperature preserves the valuable nutritional properties of all components. The binder of functional chewing bones is collagen that occurs naturally in the skin.

The chewing bone structure has a beneficial effect on the teeth and gums of the dog. As it nibbles, this tough teether it cleans its teeth by removing food particles, keeping them smooth and preventing them from turning yellow.

The size of the bone (13.5 cm) is universal, thanks to which a dog of any size will be able to enjoy chewing functional bones from Syta Micha.

Chewing bones of Syta Micha are completely safe for dogs, as they do not crumble and do not contain sharp elements that could injure the gums when bitten / chewed.

Incredibly delicious and healthy delicacies in which the combination of elements of animal and plant origin are a nutritional alternative to the popular chews.

Benefits of Giving Functional Chew Bones to Your Dog:
  • bones are a good variety to your dog’s daily diet,
  • thanks to various fillings, they provide additional nutritional value (vitamins, minerals or proteins),
  • they are a great reward during upbringing or training, and a motivator during adaptation to new situations,
  • they are an excellent, healthy form of entertainment for a long time, which at the same time meets some of the most important, everyday needs, which are licking, biting, munching, jerking, nibbling,
  • are natural delicacies that allow you to keep healthy clean teeth, strengthen the muscles of the jaw and jaw,
  • in the case of puppies, they also massage the gums and teach them to chew on food.

When serving a chewing bone from Syta Micha, remember to provide your pet with fresh water.


89% cowhide, 4% salmon meat, 4% flaxseed, 2% carrots, 1% salmon skin

Analytical composition:
  • 90.73% protein,
  • 2.84% fat,
  • 0.98% crude ash,
  • 0.98% crude fiber,
  • 0.67% OMEGA-3,
  • 0.28% OMEGA-6

Syta Micha
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