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Canun Complet Premium 4kg


Canun Complete Premium 4 kg- Karma Canun Complet Small Breeds została przygotowana specjalnie z myślą o małych, wybrednych rasach psów typu yorkshire terrier, maltańczyk czy west. Dużą smakowitość karmy gwarantuje bogaty skład, a dzięki swojej lekkostrawności zapobiega otyłości.

Canun Dog Menu 20kg


Canun Dog Menu 20 kg - healthy and complete dry food for dogs from the Spanish company Canun. Best food for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. Rich in beef, contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids. Omega\'s acid improve skin health and coat appearance. They give the coat a beautiful color and have anti-inflammatory properties in the case of degenerative joint diseases. Eecommended by breeders of such breeds as Golden, Labrador, and German shepherd

Divinus Performance 20kg


Divinus Performance 20KG - pet food recommended for active dogs with great popularity among German Shepherd breeders. Rich in ingredients that contribute to the good functioning of your pet. Bet on quality straight from Portugal.