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Canun Trabajo Adult 20kg
  • Canun Trabajo Adult 20kg

Canun Trabajo Adult 20kg

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Canun Trabajo - food recommended for dogs with high physical activity (e.g. hunting dogs or dogs working, such as hasky,beagel). 

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Premium dog food Canun Trabajo 20 kg for  hunting dogs based on chicken (30%) and rice

Canun trabajo is made from high-quality raw materials and enriched with natural antioxidants, supporting the construction of the body's defense layer and ensuring good management of the released energy. This product includes meat (poultry 30%), grains (rice) and a set of vitamins and minerals.


Hydrolysed dried chicken meat (min. 30%),

rice, corn, cereals,

natural aroma of chicken liver,

corn proteins,

beer yeast,

beet pulp,

rice fibers,


pork hemoglobin,

fish oil,


glucosamine hydrochloride,

chondroitin sulfate,

Folic acid,




natural antioxidants,

vitamins and minerals,

zinc chelate,

Yucca Schidigera extract

Analytical ingredients:

Protein (%): 30%

Crude oils and fats (%): 16%

Fiber (%): 2.4%

Raw ash (%): 7.9%

Moisture (%): 10%

Calcium (%): 1.4%

Phosphorus (%): 1%

Vitamin A: 14,000 U.I / kg.

Vitamin D-3: 1050 IU / kg.

Vitamin E: 80 mg / kg.

Copper: 15 mg / kg.

Antioxidant: 150 mg / kg.