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Canun Diary 20kg
  • Canun Diary 20kg

Canun Diary 20kg

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CANUN DIARY- Stworzona by zaspokoić potrzeby psów dorosłych i starszych każdej rasy i wielkości, o normalnej aktywności fizycznej, opóźniająca procesy starzenia.

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Canun Diary 20kg - balanced and easy to digest food

Clean meat is not a balanced food because it contains too little vitamins and minerals. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of adult and older dogs of all breeds and sizes, with normal physical activity, it is recommended to use food that is not only tasty but also anti-aging food in their daily diet. Canun Diary meets these needs. It is a complete, balanced and easily digestible food, consisting of meat (poultry 7%, beef 18%), grains, oils, fats and animal products as well as minerals and an increased dose of vitamins such as vitamin E, which delays the aging process , tocopherol, which nourishes cells and strengthens the blood vessel wall, and vitamin D-3, which improves bone health by improving the process of calcium absorption.

Ingredients of Canun Diary 20kg:

Cereals (rice at least 4%),

meat (poultry 7%, beef 18%) and meat products,

fish and fish products,

oils and fats,

plant products,


mineral substances.

Analytical ingredients:

Proteins 24%

Crude oils and fats 9%

Raw ash 8.5%

Moisture 10%

Calcium 1.7%

Phosphorus 1%

Vitamin A 14,000 U.I / kg.

Vitamin D-3 1000 U.I / kg.

Vitamin E 75 mg / kg.

Copper 15 mg / kg.

Antioxidants 150 mg / kg