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Canun Dog Sport 20kg
  • Canun Dog Sport 20kg

Canun Dog Sport 20kg

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Canun Dog Sport - created to meet the specific needs of adult dogs of all breeds and sizes, with medium to high physical activity. The high content of protein in the product and a large amount of phosphorus and vitamin D-3 strengthens teeth and bones, and vitamin A in the composition reduces infections in the dog's oral cavity, keeps the mucosa in proper shape, as well as improves the condition of the coat.

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Canun Dog Sport 20kg - complete food, easily digestible and providing more energy


Cereals, meat (beef minimum 20%) and animal derivatives, oils and fats, vegetable products and minerals.

Analytical ingredients of Canun Dog Sport 20kg:

Proteins (%) 32%

Crude oils and fats (%) 14%

Fiber (%) 2%

Raw ash (%) 11.5%

Moisture (%) 10%

Calcium (%) 3%

Phosphorus (%) 1.7%

Vitamin A 14,000 U.I / kg.

Vitamin D-3 2000 U.I / kg.

Vitamin E 80 mg / kg.

Copper 8 mg / kg.

Antioxidant 150 mg / kg.


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