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Divinus Complete 20kg
  • Divinus Complete 20kg

Divinus Complete 20kg

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Divinus Complete - very tasty and high-quality food for adult dogs, containing vitamins and minerals, very popular among owners as such as Labrador and Golden. The balanced formula gives the hair a healthy look and shine.


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Divinus is a high-quality complete food, rich in vitamins and minerals for fastidious dogs.

The high content of meat and animal products guarantees great palatability of the food. Thanks to a balanced recipe, the food is easily digestible, and our pet's hair becomes shiny and soft

The Complete version contains the necessary vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional needs of each dog. Easily digestible proteins and the addition of fibers prevent the formation of intestinal deposits.


Cereals (42%), 

meat meal (33%, including 72.5% chicken), 

bran (16%), 

poultry fat (4.5%),

beet pulp (2.5%), 

salt and food additives ( 2%). 

Contains GMOs.


Crude protein: 24%, 

Crude fat: 12%; 

Fibers: 4.0%; 

Ash: 10%; 

Moisture: 10%.


Vitamins, provitamins or chemicals with similar effects.

Vit. A: 16,850 UI; 

Vit. D3: 1445 UI; 

Vit. E (alpha-tocopherols): 72 UI; 

Vit. K: 0.28 mg; 

Vit. B1: 1.06 mg; 

Vit. B2: 1.36 mg; 

Vit. B6 (pyroxidine hydrochloride): 1.26 mg, 

Vit. B12: 24 mcg; 

Niacinamide: 3.6 mg, 

Pantothenic acid: 5.48 mg; 

Folic acid: 0.44 mg; 

Biotin: 60 mcg;

Trace elements:

E5 Manganese: 20 mg

E6 Zinc: 81 mg

E4 Copper: 11 mg

E1 Iron: 108 mg

Potassium iodide: 0.15 mg

E8 Selenium: 0.18 mg

Technological additives:

E 321 (BHT): 17.53 mg

E 320 (BHA): 0.033 mg

E 330: 0.033 mg

E 236: 104 mg

E 295: 104 mg

E 280: 96 mg


1-5kg: 100-140g

5-10kg: 140-230g

10-15kg: 230-315g

15-20kg: 315-390g

20-25kg: 390-460g

25-30kg: 460-525g

30-35kg: 525-590g

35-40kg: 590-650g

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